Development Update #1

The title of this post says “Development Update #1”. That is not actually true.

Reason is, before opening this website, I have posted semi-regular development updates on TIGSource. Even though I now have my own site, I will still be posting updates across other sites too (TIGSource, TouchArcade, IndieDB). Simply put, you can now read my ramblings on a site you prefer! Remember that these posts often include updates I’ve already tweeted out on my Twitter. However, I try to open things up more than what can be fit into 140 characters.

Now let’s get to the latest on Power Heroes.

Upgradeable chests

Chests are now an upgradeable item in the shop. Upgrading chests increases their chance to drop more coins.

Additive sprite coloring

Cocos2d only supports sprite tinting by reducing RGB values from their original. I wanted enemy sprites to flash white when they were hit so the native Cocos2d implementation was not enough. Luckily there are guides on the web to implement additive tinting, like this one:

Character screen update

The character select screen is now looking something like this:


There is one hero available (the knight, our starting character) while three “?” heroes are still locked. One of these seems to be unlockable by spending 1000 gold coins and the others by collecting specific items: cherries and fried eggs (don’t ask why).

I think I will move the shop button from the title screen to this screen. I also need to add a coin balance and to do that I have to move things around to make it fit.

Other stuff

I have spent a lot of time on a basic upgrade/unlock framework so that it would be flexible to add more stuff. It’s still not perfect and needs more work, but it’s better than before.