Development Update #6 – Enemies

Last week I wrote about how I could support various screen resolutions. I listed a couple of options with pros and cons, but there seemed to be no easy way to it.

Fast forward one week and here I am with a solution. It was really obvious now that I think of it.

Support for various screen resolutions (solved!)

Oh man. Since beginning of development (which seems like ages ago), I was so set on having static one screen maps in Power Heroes. Large areas would not make sense considering the game’s short, action packed gameplay sessions that I aimed for. Wipe out an area of enemies, collect loot and head on to the next area. That’s what I wanted. I did not want big maps to navigate in. I had a tileset of 10 x 10 tiles, scaled up 3x. By using 16 x 9 maps and having a HUD, I covered the whole screen on all iOS devices.

Except iPhone 5 and later. That was a problem.

The solution that struck me is kind of a compromise, but it works so well that it’s worth it.

I made a 20 x 9 map (see previous post) and made it scroll. Horizontally.

On an iPhone 5 (and 5S) there will be just a little bit of scrolling while on other devices the map will scroll more but you are still able to access it all. All of the problems I originally thought I had were gone. Half tiles on the edges? Blocked edges? Inaccessible areas outside the screen? Enemy spawn issues? Not any more.

So with a 20 x 9 map there’s some horizontal scrolling but no vertical. Then I experimented more. I made 20 x 11, 20 x 13 and even 20 x 20 maps before finally settling down to 20 x 11. Although 9 tiles high was the original size, 20 x 9 felt a little cramped probably because of the newly added small horizontal freedom. And going over 11 started to feel too large. 20 x 11 felt just right.

After all this it was just a matter of juggling some things around to make everything work with scrollable maps. I’m really happy how it turned out. The maps are still “small” so that you don’t get lost, but with scrolling I can support any screen resolution.

Here’s a GIF of me clearing an area with the ranger:



I gave names to the different enemies that you encounter in the world of Power Heroes. They are on the cute side to suit the game’s style. Below is a bunch of them (not all), and remember, if you have more ideas for enemies or their special moves, let’s hear them!



Movement type: Walk

Special: None



Movement type: Walk

Special: None



Movement type: Walk

Special: When killed, Tootl releases a shell that slides around with high speed. Shell deals damage to anyone on its path!



Movement type: Jump

Special: When killed, Boomba turns into a bomb that explodes soon after. It can destroy some objects, like rocks. Watch out for its blast radius!



Movement type: Jump

Special: Burnr can set flammable objects on fire. In close combat, Burnr’s hot surface will cause the player to drop all of his/hers power coins.