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Font artifacts when using CCLabelAtlas

This post is for developers. If you use cocos2d and use CCLabelAtlas to render your fonts, and especially if you use pixel art, you have probably stumbled upon this issue: font artifacts.┬áIn order to help any other developers out there that are struggling with the same problem, I decided to share how I solved it….

Development Update #11 – Buffs & Video Replays

This update is short and to the point, but I wanted to share two new features that I’m excited about….

Development Update #10 – What Happened During Christmas?

Happy 2014! I hope you had relaxing holidays, got some rest and ate well. I’m sure I did! I was away from home and the internet for almost 2 weeks, and along with all the relaxing I also managed to do some coding. Here’s a dev update #10….

Development Update #9 – Bosses!

Hi folks! Welcome to dev update #9. I’m here with some Big Boss News….

Development Update #8 – Visual Effects

The game is taking shape now that I have some music and more sound effects in. And I got the visuals covered too, in the form of some mighty visual feedback….

Development Update #7 – Cocos2d Ramblings

Music news, technical framework talk and one design feature. Work on Power Heroes continues….

Development Update #6 – Enemies

Last week I wrote about how I could support various screen resolutions. I listed a couple of options with pros and cons, but there seemed to be no easy way to it. Fast forward one week and here I am with a solution. It was really obvious now that I think of it….

Development Update #5 – iPhone 5 Support

This week I’m writing about taking advantage of the whole screen, regardless of its dimensions. It’s a topic that I haven’t given much thought before….

Development Update #4 – Quests

My todo list is again a few items shorter than last week. Here’s what I’ve done….

Development Update #3 – Dungeons

Ok, time for another update! Let’s pick up from where we left off last time: the one tiny issue left in the system I titled the “level change engine”….