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Development Update #11 – Buffs & Video Replays

This update is short and to the point, but I wanted to share two new features that I’m excited about….

Development Update #10 – What Happened During Christmas?

Happy 2014! I hope you had relaxing holidays, got some rest and ate well. I’m sure I did! I was away from home and the internet for almost 2 weeks, and along with all the relaxing I also managed to do some coding. Here’s a dev update #10….

Development Update #9 – Bosses!

Hi folks! Welcome to dev update #9. I’m here with some Big Boss News….

Power Heroes in Top 50!

I’m pretty excited over here: Power Heroes has been voted into the top 50 in App of the Year Awards 2013 on SlideDB!┬áBig thanks to each and everyone who showed support and voted my game! This means a lot to me. But it doesn’t end here! The voting now proceeds to the next and final…

Development Update #8 – Visual Effects

The game is taking shape now that I have some music and more sound effects in. And I got the visuals covered too, in the form of some mighty visual feedback….

Development Update #7 – Cocos2d Ramblings

Music news, technical framework talk and one design feature. Work on Power Heroes continues….

Development Update #6 – Enemies

Last week I wrote about how I could support various screen resolutions. I listed a couple of options with pros and cons, but there seemed to be no easy way to it. Fast forward one week and here I am with a solution. It was really obvious now that I think of it….

Development Update #5 – iPhone 5 Support

This week I’m writing about taking advantage of the whole screen, regardless of its dimensions. It’s a topic that I haven’t given much thought before….

Development Update #4 – Quests

My todo list is again a few items shorter than last week. Here’s what I’ve done….

Development Update #3 – Dungeons

Ok, time for another update! Let’s pick up from where we left off last time: the one tiny issue left in the system I titled the “level change engine”….